We offer our clients a comprehensive list of services, including Architecture, 3D Visualization, Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management.

Our services can be utilized individually or together — whichever way works best for you!

7Storeys was formed with the vision of offering high-quality construction services without taking shortcuts. We represent our clients every step of the way, leaving them with peace of mind. Our experience in the different segments of construction enables us to make sure our clients are treated fairly and that costs are reasonable.

Our team’s experience includes commercial, residential and multi-functional development.


7Storeys assist restaurant owners and franchise groups with new fit-outs as well as renovations of current stores. We design, help with cash flow planning, setting up of budgets, ordering of equipment/furniture/supplies as well as managing the construction phase on your behalf. You can either make use of our turn-key solutions or appoint us for individual services offered.


We assist you with concept creation, site measurements, site planning, drawing up and signing off on final plans, council submission and construction drawings.


Two-dimensional plans can be very daunting for first time users. Our 3D team will assist you by visualising your project in 3D photos and videos – this will help you visualize the complete product before any construction work has started.


This service is often overlooked and the benefit is only realised once a project ends up costing more than budgeted. Using quantity surveyors on any project will enable you to budget and plan accordingly. A bill of quantities created by us takes items and services into account which are not visible to the eye, but very necessary. Quantity surveying should form part of the core planning of any project.


We assign a project manager to each project, irrespective of the size. They ensure that the project is realised per the development vision and construction timeline. Once the design of the project has been finalised the project manager will co-ordinated the project until project close-out.