Our Architectural team can help you with; creating a concept for your project, the process of planning, designing and constructing the building. The different phases of design are thought of critically, to produce a synergy between your requirements and restrictions.


Architectural services:

All buildings need to have plans approved by the relevant government council in the area. This includes sign-offs by our architects, external engineers as well as the fire department. Should your building not have approved plans, you may be fined, forced to break down unapproved buildings and build per the approved plans before being able to submit any new building plans, all at your own expense.

If your plans are not approved, or if currently the building is not built per the approved drawings, you also run risk of not being covered by your insurance company.

The final plans that you receive from us will include all final council level drawings and construction drawings. We also assist you with the council submission process and the approval of the plans.