Once your plans have been finalised, our quantity surveyors will find the best prices for your selected materials and finishes. These are then taken into account to create your final costing. We calculate the building costs from foundation-level right up to the highest roof tile.


Precision Management

You will receive a bill of quantity (BOQ) listing prices for items and summarised costs per area.
We offer quantity surveying for proposed projects as well as projects where construction has already started. For proposed projects, we draw up a BOQ so that you can see what the project will cost before any construction starts. If a project is already underway, we can help ensure contractors use materials as per the specifications given to them, that they charge as per the agreed upon budget and we can also help you calculate changes to the bill should you request any design changes.

Visible Costs

Quantity surveying helps you calculate the costs that aren’t visible to the eye. This includes costs for each layer beneath the floor, labour, demolition, material and specialist fees to name just a few. Very few individuals without the proper background will be able to correctly draw up such a document for their own project. We also handle the tender process to ensure you get the best prices for the selected items and services.


By using our quantity surveying services, you are effectively taking out insurance on your project’s budget. More often than not individuals use inexperienced builders who thumb-sucks low costs, only to find out during the construction phase that the builder needs an additional 20-30% on top of the initial budget to get the job done. We can help you avoid nasty surprises like this.

Established Relationships

We have established relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers – very few of which sell to the general public. The cost savings and benefits that we realise through these relationships will also flow through to you, helping you save on the overall cost of your project.