Restaurant building and fit-outs are part of our backbone and we’re dedicated to assisting you from day one. From experience, we’ve learned that if you’re new to the hospitality industry, you might realize too late that an experienced team was necessary from the beginning of your project.


Restaurant services:

How do we work? You simply provide us with the theme or atmosphere that you would like to have in your new business and we will start designing your new creation!

We focus on these critical questions early in the project:

  • What kind of food will you be serving?
  • What kind of equipment is required, and what services are required for each equipment?
  • Does the landlord supply enough power to the site, or would you need to address this early enough so that the modifications can be made in time and costs can be absorbed by the Landlord (if leasing) in your lease agreement?
  • What costs should the Landlord cover? Many Tenants are not aware of the landlord’s obligations towards certain costs. Have you negotiated a Landlord contribution for your fit-out?
  • Do you have enough time to finish construction within the given time before having to start training?
  • Have you allocated enough time for staff training after construction starts?
  • Does your financing/cash flow allow for equipment deposits and progress claims from the start of the project?
  • If you are using finance or relying on a contribution from the landlord, will that arrive on time? Some landlords only pay out their contribution 90 days from the date of signing the lease.